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How to choose the best Scrub Suit for Doctors?

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Scrub suits a garment worn by doctors and other hospital staff while performing or assisting during an operation. It is called a scrub suit because every physician before entering the operating room will go through the disinfection action of “scrubbing hands” and most of them wear scrub suits in a sterile environment.
They are normally V shaped, short sleeves with 3 pockets on the Top and 2 Pockets on the Bottom. The design is usually Unisex, with loose fitting for day long comfort.
An ideal scrub suit should be comfortable and Functional hence looking at the fabric used in making the scrub suit is extremely important.
Scrub suits can help patients and visitors identify who are medical staff.
 ●  Extremely comfortable
 ●  Color Bleeding/fading issues
 ●  Fabric Shrinkage issues
Advantages of Scrub Suit
1.Scrub suits can protect personal clothing from damage.
2.Scrub suits can protect personal clothes/Skin from blood, urine, vomit and even Micro organisms as Medical staff are exposed to all these elements every day.

3. Scrub suits provide pockets at the Top and Pants to carry medical supplies such as scissors, stethoscope, Prescription Pad etc conveniently.
Pockets facilitate the movement of Medical Staff throughout the day to carry useful medical supplies. Such benefits can save nurses extra steps throughout the day and help them care for patients more effectively.
4. Scrub suits can help patients to identify medical staff

  • Various types of fabric available in the market are :

    1.Pure Cotton 
             ● Extremely comfortable
             ● Colour Bleeding/fading issues
             ● Fabric Shrinkage issues
    2. PolyCotton (PC) 
             ● Combination of 60% Polyester and 40% Cotton
             ● Breathable Fabric
             ● Provides comfort of Cotton
             ● Provides Durability of Polyester
             ● No Shrinkage or color Bleeding
    3. Poly Viscose (PV)
             ● Combination of 60% Polyester and 40% Viscose
             ● Breathable Fabric
             ● Provides Durability of Polyester and Viscose
             ● No Shrinkage or Color Bleeding
    4. Polyester
             ● Durable fabric
             ● Cost Effective
             ● No Shrinkage or Color Bleeding
    Thus Scrub Suits not only provides many benefits to the healthcare professionals but also helps patient to Identify the right healthcare provider when needed.

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